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The most

recent offer

in the 

Hato Rey area.

Is strategically located at the entrance to the banking zone,
with easy access to Ponce de León Avenue and Muñoz Rivera Avenue.

PdL70 is the most recent offer in the ​​Hato Rey area. This amazing building is developed by RB Properties Corp, a Puerto Rican company with over 40 years of experience in the market, also highly recognized in the administration and leasing of commercial and office properties in Puerto Rico.


The building Is strategically located at the entrance of the banking district, with direct access to Ponce de León Avenue and Muñoz Rivera Avenue.


The 50,000 square feet of commercial and office spaces is a newly remodeled building, which has made a substantial improvement to its infrastructure. This building has been designed to use the latest technology in air conditioning systems that guarantees a high air flow quality for the offices. This complex has a large and comfortable parking lot with more than 100 spaces. In addition it is surrounded by multiple private parking facilities.   


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70 Ponce de León Avenue, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico 00918

Site Area

Comprises of the 2,358 square

meters of the main building plus 

approximately 2,075 square meters, 

product of grouping adjacent lots completing the entire city block.




• Banking institutions

• Advertising Agency

• Law offices


Five story office building, two story Anex located in the heart of the financial district. Walking distance to the Hato Rey train station and the Puerto Rico Coliseum, José Miguel Agrelot.

Building Size

50,000 square feet

1st Floor up to 7,500 square feet

2nd, 3rd, 4th & 5th Floors up to 10,000

square feet each.

• 5,500 square feet Anex

• 1st floor 3,128 square feet

• 2nd floor 2,380 square feet


100 space available with ample additional parking with in close proximity.

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Emergency Power 

Generator service available.

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